Romney’s Taxes = Adultery?

From our Hey! Cheating Is Cheating! desk

Special delivery from the Boston Herald’s Track Gals (and Megan!) this AM:

Mitt Romney, caught up in billboard affair

A Southie billboard advertising a website for adulterers, which slammed White House wannabe Mitt Romney over his tax returns, disappeared less than 24 hours after it went up after the media company got complaints from fans of the ex-gov.

“It didn’t even survive 24 hours,” founder Noel Bidermantold the Track. “This doesn’t feel like America to me. It’s like something that would happen in some Central American dictatorship.”

OK, so here’s the deal: Biderman rented a billboard in Southie to advertise his website, which promises to hook up people who are in relationships but looking for some side action.

The billboard features a pic of the ex-Mass. governor with his fingers to his lips in a “Shhhh” pose. The caption read: “If cheating on your taxes is OK … so is”

But then they broke up:

Priceless quote from the founder of the sleeparound site:

“They took my money and breached the contract,” Biderman complained. “That also feels pretty un-American to me. I imagine they are going to hide behind whatever notion they are going to hide behind, but this is America!”

No, this is Boston.

Not to get technical about it.



2 Responses to Romney’s Taxes = Adultery?

  1. Seems like he’s at least due a refund. Get it? Refund?

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