Boston Globe Ignores Gertner Conflict of Interest

June 1, 2018

Today’s Boston Globe features this op-ed from retired federal judge and Harvard Law professor Nancy Gertner.

Irresponsible attacks on a fine judge

Just when we have finally come to see the opioid crisis as both a public health and public safety problem, Governor Charlie Baker and others would have us careen in the opposite direction.

Take the case of Manuel Soto-Vittini of Peabody. Salem Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley sentenced Soto-Vittini to probation for possession with intent to distribute 15 grams of heroin and a small amount of cocaine. Soto-Vittini had no criminal convictions, just a dismissed drug-possession charge from a decade ago, when he was 22.


Gertner says, “Judge Feeley’s decision to impose probation was or should have been unremarkable. Instead, it was greeted with protests, vituperative newspaper columns, and most outrageous of all, calls for his impeachment.”

First one in Gertner’s dock: Charlie Baker.

Governor Charlie Baker called Judge Feeley’s sentence “ridiculous and outrageous.” Worse, in a moment that can only be called “Trump lite” in its resemblance to Trump’s habit of trashing judges with whom he disagrees, Baker suggested that the courts deal with Judge Feeley just as it had with the judge who was suspended for inappropriate sexual conduct in his chambers.


Gertner ends the piece with this: “Governor Baker, you should know better.”

But wait – isn’t Nancy Gertner a supporter of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Jay Gonzalez? It sure appears that way from this item in Lauren Dezenski’s Politico Massachusetts Playbook last fall.

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK — Former US Federal Judge Nancy Gertner hosted a fundraiser for Dem gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez at her Brookline home last night, the Gonzalez campaign tells me.


Globe readers might have wanted to know that in considering Gertner’s takedown of Charlie Baker, don’t you think?


Boston Herald Diaspora Landing at Boston Globe

June 1, 2018

As our kissin’ cousins at One-Daily Town noted in their Hexit Watch™ a couple of months ago, it didn’t take long for former Boston Herald editorial page editor Rachelle Cohen to get back in the newspaper business after exiting the shrinky local tabloid.

Two months ago her Globe op-ed Befriending the Stranger featured this tag.

Last month her op-ed on the Democrats’ Pelosi problem had a slimmer tag.

Today, Cohen’s op-ed about John Kasich has her on (editorial) board at the Globe.

Good move by the Globe adding a smart, tough, reasonable voice to their opinion pages.

Another Herald escapee – Matt Stout – seems to have gone in a reverse direction. Stout jumped to the Globe in early March, starting off with this web piece.



So there he’s Globe Staff. But since then, he’s been Globe Correspondent.



So the headscratching staff went to – where else? – Twitter for the tiebreaker.

We’ll just leave it at that.