Globe Has Jared Remy Interview, Herald Has Jared Remy Neighbor Interview

August 18, 2013

Saturday’s local dailies featured two contrasting interviews that illuminated Jared Remy’s brutal slaying of his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel.

Boston Globe Page One:


Picture 3


Marcella Bombardieri’s 2009 interview with Remy and Martel:


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Crosstown, the Boston Herald had this front page:


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Inside story:

081613murdermg005Neighbor: I punched Remy ‘over and over’ but couldn’t save her

A Waltham neighbor of Jared Remy and his slain girlfriend said she called police and raced to the woman’s aid Thursday night — even pouncing on the hulking Remy — after she heard “banging on the wall” just before 9 p.m.

“He was on top of her. One hand was strangling her and the other hand was stabbing her,” said Kristina Hill, referring to her neighbor and friend Jennifer Martel. “I was punching him over and over in the head and when I couldn’t do anything, I started screaming at the top of my lungs and that’s when my neighbor came out and tried to get him off of her.”


Good for her.

Good for the local dailies.