Herald Still Mittsing in Action Edition

The hardreading staff was sure that after publishing zero pieces yesterday about Mitt Romney’s English muffin’, the Boston Herald would bounce back today with lots of zingy coverage.

No such luck.

The only mention of Romney in today’s paper was this lede to a piece headlined, “ROMNEY ROCKS PREZ ON GROWTH”:

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, knocked on his heels by Olympic gaffes overseas, was back on the offensive yesterday, blasting President Obama in the wake of a mediocre GDP report.

Unless there are some serious Mittigating circumstances, the feisty local tabloid has really screwed the pooch on this story.

But they’ve broiled the Chick(-fil-A) pretty good, although they did cut back to two-plus pages and five pieces today (vs. four-plus and eight yesterday).

The latest offerings include a taste test (apparently not online, but Popeyes won), a preview of the National Same-Sex Kiss Day slated for next Friday, reader reactions (“Mayor’s a turkey), a Joe Fitzgerald column decrying the intolerance shown to Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, and a dueling mayors dustup (“Bloomberg fillets Menino over stance”).

Question for the Herald editors: Had your fill of this story yet? We have.

UPDATE: Saturday’s Boston Globe added this to the chix mix:

In online chat, Brown is brought into Chick-fil-A fray

Senator Scott Brown, who has earned kind words from Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino despite their differing political parties, treaded carefully Friday when asked during a Boston.com chat about the mayor’s spat with Chick-fil-A over its opposition to gay marriage.

“I disagree with what the CEO from Chick-fil-A said. I was glad he spoke further and said that his company does not discriminate,” Brown wrote from his South Boston campaign headquarters.

Noting that Massachusetts has strong antidiscrimination laws that could prevent problems should the company decide to set up shop in Boston, Brown added, “If they move forward with the location proposal, I trust the mayor and other officials will ensure that those laws are honored.”

Very diplomatic, no?

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal also checked in:

First Amendment Trumps Critics of Chick-fil-A’s Views

CHICAGO—The First Amendment is coming to the rescue of a chicken-sandwich chain that has drawn the ire of politicians outraged by its president’s public opposition to gay marriage.

One by one, local officials here and in Boston have revised their comments regarding the entrepreneur’s stance against gay marriage, tiptoeing between their disapproval of remarks he made on the subject and his right to say them.

Okay, then. We have democratic equilibrium at last.

Boston Herald editors: Do you read us?


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