Correction: Boston Globe Movie Directory Shoots Blanks – Again!

November 28, 2013

Seems the hardreading staff spoke too soon when we reported earlier that the Boston Globe had straightened out its production snafus in the Movie Directory pages. We foolishly relied on the Globe’s ePaper for our images instead of the dead-tree edition, in which the pages look like this (photos courtesy of the Missus):






Just like yesterday. Except today’s an even bigger moviegoing day.

National Amusements, presumably, remains unamused.

Thanksgrubbing at the Boston Globe?

November 28, 2013

New trend in newspapers (via Politico):

WE LOVE THAT THE THANKSGIVING PAPERS remain pleasantly plump. The (Portland) Oregonian in our driveway had 46 inserts, including a 60-page Macy’s monster with inserts within the insert.

WHAT WE DON’T LOVE: The new, Scrooge-like practice of charging home-delivery subscribers MORE for the paper BECAUSE it’s fat with ads (“added value”), and therefore more lucrative for the publisher. Jim Romenesko posted the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s note to its EZ Pay subscribers: “Because of its large size (last year’s was 5 pounds), the Thanksgiving Day newspaper is the most expensive to produce and difficult to distribute. … Effective this year, we will charge a premium rate of $2.35 for the Thanksgiving Day newspaper. This charge will be debited to your newspaper account … Our Christmas Day holiday edition will be packed with after-holiday savings from your favorite retailers. … [W]e will charge a premium rate of $1.50.”


Here’s the Romenesko post (from November 7).

Some newspapers, though, are only going halfway with the gambit.

WE’RE FINE WITH charging more for today’s fat issue at the newsstand, which a bunch of papers are doing: The WashPost imposed Sunday rates ($2.50 instead of $1.25); The Boston Globe is the Sunday price of $3.50, up from the daily $1.25. L.A. Times is $2, up from the usual $1.50. Regular prices: Chicago Tribune at $1.50; Newsday (Long Island) at $1.25.


From today’s Globe:


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.51.44 PM


What about Newsstand Nation – you fine with that?

Boston Globe Fails to Run Movie Pictures

November 28, 2013

The Boston Globe’s art department has some ‘splaining to do after these Movie Directory pages ran in the stately local broadsheet’s G Section yesterday.


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 9.49.03 PM


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 9.49.19 PM


For those of you keeping score at home, here are the whateverplexes that got blanked.



Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.44.28 AM




Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.46.11 AM




Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.47.04 AM




Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.47.53 AM


National Amusements, presumably, was not amused.

Especially on the moviegoing day before Thanksgiving.

File under: Not giving thanks.

P.S. All better today.


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.25.25 PM


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 12.25.36 PM


New Boston Herald Columnist: ‘No Conflict of Interest’

November 27, 2013

As the hardreading staff wrote late last week, new Boston Herald columnist/Boston Herald Radio host Adriana Cohen came to the job(s) with an Picture 1entangling alliance: She serves on the Finance Committee of Two-Time Charlie Baker’s GOP gubernatorial campaign. We contacted her on Friday to ask if she would be leaving that position now that she works for the feisty local tabloid.

“That’s up in the air right now,” she told us.

So we waited a decent interval and tried again. And here’s what she replied today:

There is no conflict of interest. I’m a radio host and opinion writer, not a reporter.


That’s no surprise at a news organization that allows other columnists to appear at public fundraising events for Republican candidates (c’mon down, Howie Carr and Michael Graham!).

But it’s nothing a legitimate news organization would allow.

Menino Gets (B)right with Herald

November 26, 2013

Yesterday the hardreading staff chronicled the Great Boston Official Tree Lighting Snub delivered to the Herald by Boston Mayor Tom Menino. Of course we fully expected a makeup in today’s edition of the frosted local tabloid. And there it is, smack dab on Page 15.


Picture 2


So now the Globe and Herald are even.

Until next ad.

Menino to Herald: Scrooge You!

November 25, 2013

Back page of today’s Boston Globe A section:


Picture 2


See that down at the bottom? The media sponsors?

So you’d think the ad ran in the Boston Herald today too, right?


Then again, we’re guessing the mayor’s people have either a) gotten an earful from the Heraldniks, or b) already reserved a full page in tomorrow’s edition of the frosty local tabloid.

Season’s Gratings!

Conflict of Interest for New Herald Columnist?

November 21, 2013

After the hardreading staff wrote about the Boston Herald’s new columnist/radio co-host Adriana Cohen earlier this week, a sharp-eyed commenter sent us this:

The Herald promo made her sound like Mary McGrory, but I’ve never heard of her. Then I clicked on her own bio and it says she’s a fundraiser for Scott Brown and sits on Charlie Baker’s finance committee.

Is that current information, or did she have to step down from that post once she got the column?


Well, it’s certainly current on Cohen’s website (although the Scott Brown fundraising seems to be in the past tense).


Picture 1


We’ve sent an email to the Baker campaign to clarify the matter. We hope.

We’ll keep you posted.