Boston Herald’s BRAmpage, Part Three

November 16, 2013

The feisty local tabloid’s real-estate crusade continues today, with two full pages dedicated to ripping the lid off Mayor Tom Menino and his Boston Redevelopment Authority marionettes.


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Of special note is this whack at one BRA member in particular (if you guessed that he has union ties, vote yourself a special treat).

BRA defends decision to OK Monahan vote

Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s newest appointee to the BRA board failed to recuse himself when the panel voted to approve a massive downtown development project largely funded by his union’s national pension fund.

Boston Redevelopment Authority officials yesterday defended union boss Michael Monahan’s vote to OK the Government Center Garage development plan, ASTU1842.JPGwhich won unanimous approval at the board’s Thursday meeting.

Monahan is the business manager of the 7,000-member International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103 and a trustee of its pension fund, one of the largest contributors to the National Electrical Benefit Fund. The national fund is a big financial backer of the project.


Right. More shenanigans on the development front.

And no doubt developing . . .

Postscript from our JohnHenryGlobeWatchToday’s edition of our stately local broadsheet did cover that Yawkey Way sweetheart deal the Herald covered  yesterday. So, move along, move along – no conspiracies to see here.

Defending Vicki Kennedy Edition

July 24, 2012

Yesterday the hardreading staff noted the Sunday Boston Globe piece detailing trouble in Kennedyville, with Patrick and Ted K Jr. complaining that Vicki is pushing them around – and out – in the development of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate.

The already frayed relationship between Vicki Kennedy and her late husband’s children is at the breaking point, with the two sons growing increasingly convinced that she is jeopardizing the senator’s legacy and mishandling the creation of the $71 million institute that bears his name.

Much of the conflict centers around the construction and governance of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate, a project that faces potential cost overruns, according to a close family friend who was authorized by some family members to speak on their behalf, but who declined to be named.

Just like a hitman, wanting to remain anonymous.

But today Boston Herald columnist Joe Battenfeld rode to Vicki’s rescue in this piece:

Brat boys’ attack on Vicki Kennedy means family name is . . . 

Tarnished by silver spoons

Ted Kennedy engaged in his share of political mudslinging, but nothing as bad as the smear campaign being waged by his spiteful sons against his still grieving widow.

The anonymous, cowardly attacks against Vicki Kennedy are a new low, even for politics. If Patrick Kennedy and Ted Kennedy Jr. want to whine about their stepmother, they should at least have the guts to do it on their own — not through an unnamed friend.

Fair enough, if a bit overwrought.

For a tiebreker, maybe someone could check in with Hub ubermacher Peter Meade, who resigned as president of the Institute last year. As the Globe reported at the time:

Shortly after construction begins on the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate this spring, its president — handpicked by the senator just before his death — plans to make his exit.

The unexpected resignation of Peter Meade, combined with the recent departure of the chief executive of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, is fueling a growing sense in Boston’s political circles that there is confusion and conflict behind the scenes among the keepers of the vaunted Kennedy legacy.

In an interview, Meade, a longtime team player with the Kennedy family and one of Boston’s leading civic figures, confirmed he is leaving the institute, but insisted his departure is amicable.

Unlikely the politic Meade would say more now, but it’s worth a try, eh?