Boston Globe Buckrakes for Chinese Propaganda

April 30, 2017

Yesterday the hardreading staff was surprised to find tucked into its home-delivered Boston Globe a 20-page Weekend Edition of China Daily, the international house organ of the Chinese government.

Sample article:

Will China help US rebuild its bridges?

The $1 trillion infrastructure plan proposed by US President Donald Trump signals win-win opportunities for China and the United States, according to experts.

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told the Boston Globe last Friday that she expected Trump’s $1 trillion plan to debut this summer after the administration tackles tax reform.

“We’re on track,” Chao said of the infrastructure bill. “There’s a great deal of discussion over the most difficult part of the initiative, which is funding it.”


You’d be nuts to exclude us graf.

China’s record in the past decades in building massive infrastructure projects has been widely recognized in the world. By the end of 2016, China ranked No 1 in the world in the mileage of high-speed rails, expressways and urban transit systems, according to the country’s National Development and Reform Commission. Seven of the world’s largest container ports are also in China.


The rest of China Daily’s stories are equally sunny side up, as you’d expect. We’d love to show you the whole thing, but the Globe chose not to include the insert in yesterday’s ePaper.

Wonder why.

Wonder also – as we have in the past – what’s not for sale at the Boston Globe.

New Inside Track Gal Finally Gets Some Trac(k)tion

April 29, 2017

The hardreading staff is first to acknowledge that replacing the Boston Herald’s longtime Inside Track diva Gayle Fee is a daunting task. And, all due respect, new Track Gal Olivia Vanni has gotten off to a largely undistinguished start.

But she kicked ass today.



Local Festers Shireena El Gallal and her sister Lamann dished all the gory details about the Bahama drama to Vanni, who totally scooped the Boston Globe.

We’re sure the Namesniks at the Globe will do their usual clip ‘n’ paste job in tomorrow’s edition. Maybe, instead of their usual M O, they’ll actually credit their sources.

Boston Globe ‘Names’ Column Stiffs Boston Herald

April 28, 2017

From our No Credit Where Credit’s Due desk

It’s one thing for the Namesniks at the Boston Globe to rip off the hardreading staff. It’s quite another to xerox the Boston Herald without attribution.

From today’s Names:



Only one thing missing from the piece – acknowledgement that the firsty local tabloid’s Jessica Heslam had the story two days ago.

New honcho at 5 generates static

‘Move it’ mandate miffs on-camera staff

There’s a new “move it, move it” mandate being preached by Channel 5’s top newsroom honcho — but some miffed reporters don’t want to dance along.

Paige Harrison, who took over as WCVB-TV’s news director in January, has laid down a harsh edict demanding reporters get expressive during every TV live shot and stand-up.


Hey, Globies – maybe you could be more stand-up, eh?

Stat News Gets Back to Us STAT on Print Publication

April 18, 2017

Well that was fast.

Earlier today the hardreading staff noted that this ad had appeared in yesterday’s Boston Globe.




We emailed to Stat Cats to ask whether Sunday Stat would be a one-off or published regularly. And here’s what the redoubtable Rick Berke replied:

Hi there.
Got your message.
Depending on interest from readers and advertisers, we’re hoping Sunday STAT will become more than a one-shot offering. Already, we’re hearing from advertisers who are interested in another edition this summer. And we’ve been in discussions with some newspapers around the country who are thinking about STAT as a print supplement.
Let me know if you have other questions.


Thanks, Rick. Best of luck.

New Stat-us for Boston Globe Life Sciences Vertical

April 18, 2017

From our Late to the Launch Party desk

The hardreading staff meant to point this out yesterday, but we got sidetracked by . . . we forget. Anyway, we’re here now to note this ad that ran in yesterday’s Boston Globe.




So what we seem to have here is either a) a one-off Sunday insert, or b) a pilot for a regularly published print spinoff of Stat News.

It looks to us like the latter, but then what do we know. So we’ve sent this email to the Statniks asking what’s what.

Dear Stat Cats,

We write the blog It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town ( and we noticed your ad in yesterday’s Boston Globe about the upcoming Sunday Stat insert.

Just wondering: Will that be a one-time publication or can we look forward to its being a regular feature?

Thank you,
The hardreading staff


We will, as always, keep you posted.

Jet Blue Promotion Leaves Boston Herald at the Gate

April 18, 2017

From our Local Dailies DisADvantage desk

Jet Blue has come up with a timely campaign  to chase the Income Tax Blues: the Jet Blue Tax Return Flight. Here’s how it works.



Locally there’s also this ad in today’s Boston Globe.



But there’s no such ad in – that’s right – the Boston Herald. So the hardtsking staff posted this on Twitter:



We’ll let you know if we get a #TaxReturnTweet.

Mayor Marty Walsh Advertises One Boston (Daily) Day

April 15, 2017

From our Local Dailies DisAdvantage desk

Be of good cheer, splendid readers! Today not only marks the return of the swan boats to the Boston Public Garden, but it’s also #OneBostonDay, as Mistah Mayah declares in this full-page Boston Globe ad.



There is, however, no One Boston Day ad in today’s Boston Herald.

Could that be because of Herald headlines like Mother of shot child says ‘Marty Walsh is a liar’? Or Liz Warren and Marty Walsh need to grow up?

We’re guessing inquiring minds at the thirsty local tabloid want to know.

Boston’s Lousy Ad-itude Toward Sox Home Opener

April 3, 2017

The hardreading staff isn’t wired enough to be at the New! Improved! Fenway Park this afternoon for the Red Sox home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates (huh?), but we did take the time to check out the Boston dailies for all the hopeful/gleeful advertisements that normally accompany the start of a new season.

And there were . . . none.

Nothing in the Boston Globe, nothing (big surprise) in the Boston Herald.

Even odder, the Globe’s 18-page Baseball 2017 preview yesterday had no pom-pom ads, just this:



Seriously? Two half-page car ads?

What’s wrong with this town?