Boston Globe ‘Names’ Outs Howie Carr, Stiffs Two-Daily Town

Twice this week the hardreading staff has noted that Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr, a charter member of the Donald Trump coat holder brigade, is also now a member of Trump’s swanky Florida resort Mar-a-Lago.

We also noted that neither Boston daily had reported on Carr’s quantum leap in social status, ending yesterday’s post this way: “Hey – you Namesniks at the Globe: Wanna grab a piece of this?”

Apparently they did, since this appears under Mark Shanahan’s byline in today’s snakey local broadsheet.

Trump backer Howie Carr joins Mar-a-Lago

Conservative talk-show host Howie Carr fancies himself a man of the people, albeit one who went to an exclusive prep school (Deefield Academy), attended a fine liberal arts college (University of North Carolina), and resides in a wealthy Boston enclave (Wellesley). So it should be no surprise that, like any other average Joe, Carr has become a newly-minted member of the Mar-a-Lago Club, President Trump’s posh Palm Beach, Fla., retreat. reports that Carr and his second wife, Kathy, are a few of the regular folks who’ve become Mar-a-Lago members since Trump moved into the White House. The Carrs must have really scrimped and saved to be able to swing the club’s initiation fee, which recently doubled to $200,000. We tried to reach Carr on Thursday to talk about the many perks and privileges he’ll be enjoying at Mar-a-Lago, but no luck. The right-wing radio host was an early supporter of Trump’s peculiar brand of populism and their friendship has only grown. Indeed, Carr was among 800 ordinary Americans who spent New Year’s Eve with Trump at the Mar-a-Lago Club. reports? Like all of a sudden you read the Politico Playbook item buried in last Monday’s edition?

C’mon, man – credit where credit’s due, eh?

2 Responses to Boston Globe ‘Names’ Outs Howie Carr, Stiffs Two-Daily Town

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