Stat News Gets Back to Us STAT on Print Publication

April 18, 2017

Well that was fast.

Earlier today the hardreading staff noted that this ad had appeared in yesterday’s Boston Globe.




We emailed to Stat Cats to ask whether Sunday Stat would be a one-off or published regularly. And here’s what the redoubtable Rick Berke replied:

Hi there.
Got your message.
Depending on interest from readers and advertisers, we’re hoping Sunday STAT will become more than a one-shot offering. Already, we’re hearing from advertisers who are interested in another edition this summer. And we’ve been in discussions with some newspapers around the country who are thinking about STAT as a print supplement.
Let me know if you have other questions.


Thanks, Rick. Best of luck.

New Stat-us for Boston Globe Life Sciences Vertical

April 18, 2017

From our Late to the Launch Party desk

The hardreading staff meant to point this out yesterday, but we got sidetracked by . . . we forget. Anyway, we’re here now to note this ad that ran in yesterday’s Boston Globe.




So what we seem to have here is either a) a one-off Sunday insert, or b) a pilot for a regularly published print spinoff of Stat News.

It looks to us like the latter, but then what do we know. So we’ve sent this email to the Statniks asking what’s what.

Dear Stat Cats,

We write the blog It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town ( and we noticed your ad in yesterday’s Boston Globe about the upcoming Sunday Stat insert.

Just wondering: Will that be a one-time publication or can we look forward to its being a regular feature?

Thank you,
The hardreading staff


We will, as always, keep you posted.