Boston Globe Buckrakes for Chinese Propaganda

Yesterday the hardreading staff was surprised to find tucked into its home-delivered Boston Globe a 20-page Weekend Edition of China Daily, the international house organ of the Chinese government.

Sample article:

Will China help US rebuild its bridges?

The $1 trillion infrastructure plan proposed by US President Donald Trump signals win-win opportunities for China and the United States, according to experts.

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told the Boston Globe last Friday that she expected Trump’s $1 trillion plan to debut this summer after the administration tackles tax reform.

“We’re on track,” Chao said of the infrastructure bill. “There’s a great deal of discussion over the most difficult part of the initiative, which is funding it.”


You’d be nuts to exclude us graf.

China’s record in the past decades in building massive infrastructure projects has been widely recognized in the world. By the end of 2016, China ranked No 1 in the world in the mileage of high-speed rails, expressways and urban transit systems, according to the country’s National Development and Reform Commission. Seven of the world’s largest container ports are also in China.


The rest of China Daily’s stories are equally sunny side up, as you’d expect. We’d love to show you the whole thing, but the Globe chose not to include the insert in yesterday’s ePaper.

Wonder why.

Wonder also – as we have in the past – what’s not for sale at the Boston Globe.

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