Ads ‘n’ Ends From a Very Rocky Boston Sunday Globe

Itemizing a few deductions from yesterday’s edition of the stately local broadsheet.

Item: Welcome back to the Boston Globe, Leigh Montville.

It’s unusual that a movie ad would appear in the Globe’s Sports section, but this one did yesterday.



Up top is the great Leigh Montville’s post-mortem of the 1975 battle between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner, which ended in a 15-round technical knockout of the Bayonne Bleeder.



Man, the Globe sports section could use a writer like Montville now.

Item: Globe needs to Address its typo problem.

Yesterday’s Globe Address section featured Eileen McEleney Woods’s front-page piece about George Nixon Black Jr., “the unknown hero of Boston.”



It’s a fascinating piece, marred only by the headline on the jump page.



Hey, Globeniks – how many copy editors have you laid off lately? Maybe wanna rethink that?

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