Conflict of Interest for New Herald Columnist?

After the hardreading staff wrote about the Boston Herald’s new columnist/radio co-host Adriana Cohen earlier this week, a sharp-eyed commenter sent us this:

The Herald promo made her sound like Mary McGrory, but I’ve never heard of her. Then I clicked on her own bio and it says she’s a fundraiser for Scott Brown and sits on Charlie Baker’s finance committee.

Is that current information, or did she have to step down from that post once she got the column?


Well, it’s certainly current on Cohen’s website (although the Scott Brown fundraising seems to be in the past tense).


Picture 1


We’ve sent an email to the Baker campaign to clarify the matter. We hope.

We’ll keep you posted.

2 Responses to Conflict of Interest for New Herald Columnist?

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  2. […] Baker’s Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign. Cohen’s not hiding her affiliation; as previously noted in November by the Hub media blog It’s Good To Live in a Two-Daily Town, the peacock eye shadow […]

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