Hark! The Herald! (‘Trending Now’ Edition)

November 19, 2013

From our Walt Whitman desk

They keep rolling the rock up the hill at the feisty local tabloid. Here’s their latest addition to Boston Herald Radio: the Trending Now webstream featuring political columnist Joe Battenfeld and commentator Adriana Cohen.


Picture 1


(In case you’re asking yourself “Who’s Adriana Cohen?” here’s her website and Twitter feed.)

From the newsverpromo:

“When the mics go hot on ‘Trending Now,’ listeners will be treated to the single-most-fortified three hours of news and talk in Boston and probably the country,” said Boston Herald Radio Executive Producer Tom Shattuck.


The hardreading staff has no idea what “fortified” news and talk is, but we’re guessing it involves artificial ingredients.

Beyond that,  Cohen also got her own column today, straight off some journalistic Welcome Wagon.

Look who’s slamming the middle class

ADP_7535.JPGPresident Obama has misled the American people. He promised that if you liked your doctor and health plan, you could keep them. To date, 5 million Americans have received policy cancellations. Many in the middle class are being forced into new plans at a much higher cost.

Wait a sec! Didn’t President Obama and our own U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaign on the platform they were the party that protects the middle class? Weren’t they the ones who lambasted the GOP for pushing government policies that “hammered” the middle class?

Well my question for voters is, who’s getting hammered now?

It’s the middle class.


Not a helluva lot new there, eh? But a boffo debut in terms of newspaper real estate.

By contrast, today’s Boston Globe introduced TV critic Matthew Gilbert’s new column Bookish with this at the bottom of Page One:


Picture 2


Now if the Globe would just give Gilbert his own show on RadioBDC, we’d have a fair fight on our hands.

Globe’s RadioBDC Dives into Talk

August 30, 2013

As the hardreading staff noted recently, the local dailies’ foray into Internet radio was bound to create some drama and conflict, even though Boston Herald Radio does talk (mostly to themselves) and RadioBDC does music. I wrote last month: “Be interesting to see if some news/talk shows start turning up on the indie rockstream.”

Lo and behold, from today’s Boston Globe:


Picture 3


The new show is Edging the Xtreme, described this way on its home page:

Edging The Xtreme with Dan Egan focuses on the hip and happenings of the extreme sports world, with exclusive interviews with regional, national and international athletes in the world of skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing and so much more.


Be interesting to see how much more talk RadioBDC will start offering, yes?


Globe Joins Herald in Making Radio Waves

August 1, 2013

Day Four of the Boston Herald’s ridiculous/embarrassing newsvertising campaign for its Internet radio launch features the usual abuse of its news pages, starting with Page One.


Picture 1


Then there’s the mandatory two-page spread inside.


Picture 2


Our choice for Plug o’ the Day is this beauty:


Picture 5


That would be the same Suffolk University that’s in bed with the Herald in producing both their weekly Press Party webcast and their Inside the Race for Mayor coverage. As the hardreading staff has previously noted, this creates a glaring conflict of interest for the Herald regarding a major academic institution in Boston, which apparently bothers the feisty local tabloid not at all.

Crosstown, the Boston Globe has decided to jump into the pool with this ad for its RadioBDC webstream.


Picture 3


No doubt the two digital ventures will be at it hammer and tongue for the foreseeable future.


Hark! The Herald! (More Internet Radio Edition)

July 30, 2013

From our Walt Whitman desk

Hey, kids! Mark your calendars! It’s Day Two of the Great Herald Radio Countdown.

As the hardreading staff noted yesterday, the Boston Herald devoted two full pages of Monday’s edition to the gala announcement of an Internet radio stream that will debut next week. What we neglected to mention, however, was that one-half of Monday’s Page One was devoted to the glad tidings.


Picture 1


And they’re no less glad today.




Once again, the feisty local tabloid also devotes two full pages to promoting the new venture.


Picture 3


(The e in the Herald’s e-edition must stand for erratic, since those little green numbers pop up entirely at random.)

Anyway, here’s our choice for Plug o’ the Day:


Picture 5


No shit, Sherlock.  The Herald just spent two pages of what they laughably call the newshole telling us exactly that.

P.S. Crosstown at the Boston Globe, the Names column has this plug for RadioBDC, the Globe’s Internet ghost of the nearly departed WFNX.


Picture 6


Be interesting to see if some news/talk shows start turning up on the indie rockstream.


Herald Dogs Times On Jimmy Savile Row; Globe Just Dodges

October 26, 2012

The Boston Herald has been on the BBC/Jimmy Savile scandal like Brown on Williamson, and today’s edition extends the drumbeat.

Despite gaffe, Times’ Sulzberger gives Thompson vote of confidence

New York Times Co. Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr., who has been acting as interim CEO, offered a vote of confidence for embattled incoming CEO Mark Thompson today, but also made a gaffe on the company’s earnings call that linked him to the late BBC alleged sex predator Jimmy Savile.

“We’re delighted to welcome Mark Thompson,” said Sulzberger, reiterating the former BBC director general’s Nov. 12 start date at the Times.

Then, Sulzberger referred to the alleged pedophile and longtime BBC TV host as “Mark Savile” before correcting himself.

Sulzberger also sent a letter yesterday to Times staffers (who are embroiled in a contract dispute with Times management) that said this in part (via Romenesko.com):

At the New England Media Group, BostonGlobe.com recently marked its one-year anniversary and continues to make steady progress in growing paid digital subscriptions. The team has implemented a variety of initiatives to increase reader interest and engagement, and to strengthen subscription opportunities. And the August launch of Boston.com’s new live streaming radio station, RadioBDC, is just the latest of the site’s ongoing efforts to broaden its reach in the market.

I want to address a topic that has been on many people’s minds. You no doubt have read the recent reports of a controversy regarding the BBC’s decision in late 2011 to cancel a news story investigating allegations of sexual abuse and molestation by an on-air BBC talent, Jimmy Savile, who died last year. Mark has provided a detailed account of that matter, and I am satisfied that he played no role in the cancellation of the segment.

Meanwhile, the Times’ kissin’ cousin Boston Globe has played no role in examining its connection to the Mark Thompson rumpus.

Here’s what the hardsearching staff found on the Globe website around 1 am:

Try fewer keywords?

Try more coverage, Globeniks.


Herald Snubs Globe’s RadioBDC Edition

August 21, 2012

In his column today, Boston Herald music scribe Jed Gottlieb laments the loss of local radio talent on Boston’s airwaves.

The Last DJs

Hub radio lacks character after purge

Boston’s airwaves have been stripped of personality.

Last month, the signal for alternative flagship WFNX (101.7 FM) was sold to Clear Channel, which turned the station into generic hits station The Harbor. In June, CBS Radio laid off staff and turned WODS (103.3 FM) classic hits into the jock-less Top 40 Amp Radio.

“I still feel like we just lost ’BCN (which went off the air in 2009) and ’FNX was the last man standing against all the robot radio,” said Parlour Bells frontman Glenn di Benedetto, who wrote the Hub rock anthem “Airwaves” in tribute to WFNX. “(Former-WFNX DJ) Julie Kramer said, ‘Your local DJ knows when it’s raining outside,’ and I put that in my song because I liked what it meant. With DJ-free radio, there’s no personality, no sense of community.”

That’s all true, if incomplete. Gotlieb fails to mention that ‘FNX has migrated wholesale to the Boston Globe’s RadioBDC, which describes itself this way:

RadioBDC is Boston’s only live hosted, streaming alternative station. We feature music, news, contests and the best breaking bands in the alternative format. Listen each weekday to hear Henry Santoro, Julie Kramer, Adam 12 & Paul Driscoll.

Is that essential to Gotlieb’s column? No.

Is it relevant? Yes.

Is omitting it petty? The hardreading staff says, definitely.