Hark! The Herald! (More Internet Radio Edition)

July 30, 2013

From our Walt Whitman desk

Hey, kids! Mark your calendars! It’s Day Two of the Great Herald Radio Countdown.

As the hardreading staff noted yesterday, the Boston Herald devoted two full pages of Monday’s edition to the gala announcement of an Internet radio stream that will debut next week. What we neglected to mention, however, was that one-half of Monday’s Page One was devoted to the glad tidings.


Picture 1


And they’re no less glad today.




Once again, the feisty local tabloid also devotes two full pages to promoting the new venture.


Picture 3


(The e in the Herald’s e-edition must stand for erratic, since those little green numbers pop up entirely at random.)

Anyway, here’s our choice for Plug o’ the Day:


Picture 5


No shit, Sherlock.  The Herald just spent two pages of what they laughably call the newshole telling us exactly that.

P.S. Crosstown at the Boston Globe, the Names column has this plug for RadioBDC, the Globe’s Internet ghost of the nearly departed WFNX.


Picture 6


Be interesting to see if some news/talk shows start turning up on the indie rockstream.


Locals Rise to Phoenix Redesign

September 19, 2012

The Boston dailies ran entirely true to form in their coverage of the Boston Phoenix facelift (and a little lipo, we assume).

Yesterday’s Globe had a front-page feature that looked at the rapid erosion of  local macher Stephen Mindich’s media holdings.

A hybrid rises from the old Boston Phoenix

Alternative paper’s longtime publisher adjusts to changing times

As summer approached, staff meetings at The Boston Phoenix grew more frequent amid mounting concerns about layoffs, an announced move to new offices, and the future of the Phoenix itself.

One indication of the meetings’ importance was the presence of owner and publisher Stephen Mindich. He has guided the paper’s fortunes since the 1970s, making it the centerpiece of a youth-oriented media conglomerate, yet he had scaled back day-to-day management duties while his son Brad ran the company.

The outcome of those staff discussions has left many observers wondering if the Phoenix they have known and read for decades — a pioneering alternative weekly paper celebrated for its lively coverage of politics, media, and the arts — will be around much longer.

This Thursday, The Boston Phoenix will formally merge with its sister publication, Stuff, a glossy biweekly, into a publication called simply The Phoenix. As a newsprint entity, the old Boston Phoenix will cease to exist.

As has WFNX-FM, stripped for parts like a car left overnight on the Cross Bronx Expressway (signal to Clear Channel for $14 million, staff to boston.com to start up Radio BDC, call letters to the web for wfnx.com). Spanish-language paper El Planeta was also jettisoned. The Mindich media empire is down to a sandlot.

Crosstown at the Herald today, the Track Gals (and Megan!) have something much dishier:

Phoenix sex ads under Twitter attack

The Boston Phoenix, which will debut a new glossy-mag look this week, was under Twitter attack yesterday after someone hijacked the name of its new adult rag and began tweeting X-rated missives at advertisers, public officials and Phoenix staffers.

@BostonAtNite is not the Twitter handle of the Phoenix’s new adult publicationBoston At Nite, according to editor at large Peter Kadzis. But the “Parody” account was tweeting up Mayor Tom MeninoAttorney General Martha Coakley, clubs and bands that advertised on the Boston At Nite website and columnists for the alternative weekly.

“Find your underage sex slave today! Sex trafficking for all,” said @BostonAtNite, adding the word “Parody” so you’d know it wasn’t real.

Not surprisingly, the Phoenix folks are not amused.  “[Editor at large Peter] Kadzis said the Phoenix has complained to Twitter about the account and is trying to get it taken down. ‘Any sick (bleep) can sign up for a Twitter handle,’ Kadzis said. ‘My prediction — and it’s probably true — is that there’s a connection to a rival publication.'”

As in the Weekly Dig, whose publisher Jeff Lawrence, the Track Gals (and Megan!) point out, just happens to be one of the whopping 19 tweeps who follow @BostonAtNite.

Fun for the whole family! Except for the X-rated part, of course.


Herald Snubs Globe’s RadioBDC Edition

August 21, 2012

In his column today, Boston Herald music scribe Jed Gottlieb laments the loss of local radio talent on Boston’s airwaves.

The Last DJs

Hub radio lacks character after purge

Boston’s airwaves have been stripped of personality.

Last month, the signal for alternative flagship WFNX (101.7 FM) was sold to Clear Channel, which turned the station into generic hits station The Harbor. In June, CBS Radio laid off staff and turned WODS (103.3 FM) classic hits into the jock-less Top 40 Amp Radio.

“I still feel like we just lost ’BCN (which went off the air in 2009) and ’FNX was the last man standing against all the robot radio,” said Parlour Bells frontman Glenn di Benedetto, who wrote the Hub rock anthem “Airwaves” in tribute to WFNX. “(Former-WFNX DJ) Julie Kramer said, ‘Your local DJ knows when it’s raining outside,’ and I put that in my song because I liked what it meant. With DJ-free radio, there’s no personality, no sense of community.”

That’s all true, if incomplete. Gotlieb fails to mention that ‘FNX has migrated wholesale to the Boston Globe’s RadioBDC, which describes itself this way:

RadioBDC is Boston’s only live hosted, streaming alternative station. We feature music, news, contests and the best breaking bands in the alternative format. Listen each weekday to hear Henry Santoro, Julie Kramer, Adam 12 & Paul Driscoll.

Is that essential to Gotlieb’s column? No.

Is it relevant? Yes.

Is omitting it petty? The hardreading staff says, definitely.