Hark! The Herald! (More Internet Radio Edition)

July 30, 2013

From our Walt Whitman desk

Hey, kids! Mark your calendars! It’s Day Two of the Great Herald Radio Countdown.

As the hardreading staff noted yesterday, the Boston Herald devoted two full pages of Monday’s edition to the gala announcement of an Internet radio stream that will debut next week. What we neglected to mention, however, was that one-half of Monday’s Page One was devoted to the glad tidings.


Picture 1


And they’re no less glad today.




Once again, the feisty local tabloid also devotes two full pages to promoting the new venture.


Picture 3


(The e in the Herald’s e-edition must stand for erratic, since those little green numbers pop up entirely at random.)

Anyway, here’s our choice for Plug o’ the Day:


Picture 5


No shit, Sherlock.  The Herald just spent two pages of what they laughably call the newshole telling us exactly that.

P.S. Crosstown at the Boston Globe, the Names column has this plug for RadioBDC, the Globe’s Internet ghost of the nearly departed WFNX.


Picture 6


Be interesting to see if some news/talk shows start turning up on the indie rockstream.