Globe’s RadioBDC Dives into Talk

As the hardreading staff noted recently, the local dailies’ foray into Internet radio was bound to create some drama and conflict, even though Boston Herald Radio does talk (mostly to themselves) and RadioBDC does music. I wrote last month: “Be interesting to see if some news/talk shows start turning up on the indie rockstream.”

Lo and behold, from today’s Boston Globe:


Picture 3


The new show is Edging the Xtreme, described this way on its home page:

Edging The Xtreme with Dan Egan focuses on the hip and happenings of the extreme sports world, with exclusive interviews with regional, national and international athletes in the world of skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing and so much more.


Be interesting to see how much more talk RadioBDC will start offering, yes?


3 Responses to Globe’s RadioBDC Dives into Talk

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  2. You def have a nose for radio.

    (N.B. *You* taught me that joke.)

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