Brian Maloney Middlesex Truck & Coach Edition

From our compare and contrast in clear idiomatic English desk

Joan Vennochi’s 7/22 Boston Globe op-ed:

A business built on hard work – and government

Moments before a jeans-clad Mitt Romney strode into a garage bay at a Roxbury truck repair company, a campaign aide carefully wiped grit from a tool chest slated to share the spotlight with the candidate.

Too much reality spoils a good picture. Just as his campaign put a gloss on the tool chest, Romney put a gloss on the truth about Middlesex Truck & Coach.

“This is not the result of government,” he declared. “This is the result of people who take risk, who have dreams, who build for themselves and for their families.”

Yet owner Brian Maloney acknowledged that his business did receive some government help, via a low-interest loan given for new development and start-ups. “The only way I was able to come here, because I had no money, was with an industrial-revenue bond,” Maloney told Jon Keller of WBZ-TV.

Joe Battenfeld 7/30 Boston Herald column:

Liberals attack

The vile, hate-filled messages started showing up soon after Mitt Romney and the national press corps left Brian Maloney’s truck repair shop in Roxbury.

“It was incredible,” Maloney tells the Herald. “It was crude, abusive, mindless garbage.”

Maloney hadn’t committed a crime, but to some Democrats and liberals he had done something far more heinous: He had dared to criticize President Obama.

Two different worlds. That’s American politics – and news media – these days.

Get used to it.


2 Responses to Brian Maloney Middlesex Truck & Coach Edition

  1. Bob Grdner says:

    Jon Keller– the vile, abusive, liberal Jon Keller– and his mindless garbage.

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