Tom Menino Good News/Bad News Edition

The Boston Herald wins today’s local news bakeoff with a Page One story about Tom Menino.

The good news? He might run for  another term.

The bad news? He might run for another term.

Via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages:

(Oddly, the column by Joe Battenfeld not only doesn’t lead the Herald’s web site, it’s all but buried on the News & Opinion page, the caboose to a Menino/Chick-fil-A piece.)

Regardless, here’s the gist of it:

[C]lose Menino associates and other City Hall watchers say they believe the mayor will give it another go in 2013, despite a host of health problems. His fundraising reports suggest he is getting ready to run again.

The mayor has raised $225,315 in just the first seven months of the year, and has nearly $600,000 in the bank, dwarfing the fundraising of even statewide office holders who are girding to run for governor.

“All signs point to him running again,” said Hyde Park City Councilor Rob Consalvo, a close Menino ally. “The guy is working harder than ever.”

Yes, well, that’s part of the problem. Another run – likely unopposed since his challengers get not just beaten, but vaporized – would produce a knee-buckling sixth term for Menino’s, who’s successfully turned Boston into the political equivalent of Mayberry.

Except he’s not likable.

UPDATE: See the column’s Comments section for details.


3 Responses to Tom Menino Good News/Bad News Edition

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    To repise a NYTimes comment in the 2010 NY state house elections with only slight modification:

    Anyone but [the] incumbent.

    You re-elect him, you deserve ally of the problems and embarrassments he can deliver.

  2. No one repises like you, Mudge.

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