Red Sox Front Page Doubleheadline Edition

Its rare that the Boston Globe and Boston Herald feature the same story on Page One (the Herald, with a minuscule home-subscription base, designs its front page to maximize newsstand sales; the Globe, whose circulation is largely home-delivered, doesn’t bear that burden).

But today is an exception, proving that the current Red Sox squad is a uniter, not a divider. They’ve united the town in dislike for them.

First pages first (via The Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):

Advantage: The Herald, hands down.

Now to the battle of the headlines.

Globe page C1:

Dealing with problem?

Red Sox on the verge of a trade that would send Beckett, Gonzalez, and Crawford to Dodgers

Herald page 30:

Sox poised to blow it all up, start anew

Bold first step in erasing foul stench

Advantage: The Herald again.

And finally, the all-important Number of Godfather References.

Globe: None.

Herald: One.

Whether or not the deal goes down, we now have beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt proof that Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington is prepared to make like Michael Corleone taking out the heads of the other four families in his own clubhouse.

Advantage: Take a wild guess.

At post time, both papers had announced the completed deal on their websites. The Herald (around 10 am) seemed to beat the Globe (12:29) by a good couple of hours.

Advantage: That’s right. The Herald.


2 Responses to Red Sox Front Page Doubleheadline Edition

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  2. Bob Gardner says:

    I like the CHB reference to the “failed era”. Because he’s too important to write about a stupid trade to distract fans from a sub par season. Nope, it’s the entire era that has failed–all those continents drifting apart, mammals evolving, civilizations rising and falling. Now it has come to this –failure. You have to go back to the Pleistocene to find a likable era, one that you can root for.

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