Romney Offspring Edition

From our Its Good to Live in a Two-Times Co. desk

It’s the spawn of a new day for the GOP.

Yesterday’s New York Times:

5 Young Romneys: Who’s the Cutest?

It was the question that smitten young women debated almost 50 years ago: Which Beatle was the cutest?

At the Republican convention this week, the question is: Which of Mitt Romney’s five sons sends you swooning?

Hold on – we might have an answer from their wives!

From yesterday’s Boston Globe:

Daughters-in-law pay tribute to Ann Romney

TAMPA – Laurie Romney was at the Romney household years ago when she was in the kitchen and spied a perfect-looking peach pie on the counter, complete with a carefully-constructed lattice top.

“I literally thought to myself, ‘I cannot marry into this family,’ ” she said on Wednesday morning. “Because I could never do that.”

During a tribute to the potential future first lady on Wednesday morning, all five of Ann Romney’s daughters-in-law took the microphone for brief remarks. It was a rare instance where they were in the public eye, in a week when their husbands are frequently the ones on television.

Further on, there was this:

They kidded each other over whose husband was better looking. “As my grandma always says, he’s the cutest Romney boy out of all five,” Laurie Romney said of Matt. “I disagree with Laurie,” said Jen Romney. “I think I’m married to the cutest one of all. I’m married to Josh. Yeah, Josh!”

Mary Romney, who married Craig, noted, “I am married to the baby of the family, Craig.”

“I’m married to the blond one,” said Andelyne Romney, who married Ben. “The one that stands out. That kind of resembles Ann, and I call the smart one.”

Helpful video via Buzzfeed:


The hardreading staff’s verdict: They’re all the cutest.


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