Funny, Valentine Gives Exclusive to Herald Edition

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine, who sometimes seems to be only half there, gets half the Boston Herald’s front page today (via The Newseum):

Inside, Steve Buckley has the scoop:

Bobby V plans to be back

Choosing to whistle past the Fenway Park [map] graveyard, a defiant Bobby Valentine said yesterday he plans to be managing the Red Sox [team stats] in 2013.

“I expect to be, of course,” Valentine said late yesterday afternoon at Fenway Park before the Sox’ series opener against the Toronto Blue Jays. “Until I’m told that I’m not, why would I expect otherwise?”

Valentine, who is signed through 2013 and will earn $2.5 million next season, said he doesn’t “see any reason that I wouldn’t be in uniform, other than that they figured there’s someone better to do the job than I’m going to do here. Then maybe I’ll be in another uniform.

See your local bookmaker for the odds of that.

The hardreading staff’s favorite Bobby V pronouncement, though, appears in the pull quote:

As good as I am, I couldn’t even create this kind of mess.

Crosstown at the Globe, meanwhile, they seem to have already kissed Bobby goodbye. The broadsheet is all about John Farrell, the one that got away to the equally miserable Toronto Blue Jays. Michael Vega’s game report from the print edition (which led with a focus on Farrell) has largely been replaced, while a thumbsucker devoted to Farrell was added to the website today.

Back in the Herald, John Tomase says Farrell should stay put.

Farrell’s a keeper

No way Blue Jays should let Sox take their manager

The Red Sox [team stats] want John Farrell. Let there be little doubt of that. But here’s a question: If you’re the Blue Jays, why on earth would you give him to them?

The Red Sox are in disarray. Bobby Valentine is 99.9999999999999999999 percent certain to be fired, probably within hours of the season ending. If you’re Toronto, grasping for the tiniest thread of hope in the AL East, this is it:

Let the Red Sox keep flailing.

With Bobby V at the helm, there’s little doubt that’s just what will happen.


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