Brown Sugar From Herald On New Poll

After four consecutive polls showed Elizabeth Warren leading incumbent Scott Brown in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, the Boston Herald finally got some news it could plaster all over Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):

(Extra credit: Compare and contrast, in clear idiomatic English, the photos the Herald chose of the two.)

The Globe, for its part, ran the story Metro p. 3:

New poll shows Scott Brown leading Elizabeth Warren

A new poll shows US Senator Scott Brown with a lead over Elizabeth Warren, a break from a string of four previous polls that showed Warren leading the race.

The new University of Massachusetts Lowell/Boston Herald telephone poll of 524 voters, released Wednesday night, showed Brown leading 49 percent to 45 percent among those deemed likely to vote.

The survey was conducted from Sept. 13 to 17 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points. The organization’s previous poll, taken in December, showed Warren leading by 7 percentage points.

In fairness, that’s exactly where the Globe ran this piece two days ago:

Warren ahead of Brown in 3rd poll

A third new poll has found Elizabeth Warren pulling ahead of Senator Scott Brown, giving the Democratic challenger momen tum before their first debate Thursday.

A Suffolk University/WHDH-TV survey released late Monday had Warren at 48 percent and Brown at 44 percent, within the poll’s margin of error but the opposite of a similar poll in May. That Suffolk/WHDH survey had Brown at 48 percent and Warren at 47 percent.

Pollster David Paleologos attributed the shift to Warren’s national exposure through her speech at the Democratic ­National Convention, which allowed her to share a platform with President Obama, former president Bill Clinton, and other party luminaries.

(The hardsearching staff couldn’t find yesterday’s piece, about the fourth poll, in either our dead-tree edition or the Globe’s ePaper edition.)

Probably doesn’t matter. It likely all changes after tonight’s debate.


3 Responses to Brown Sugar From Herald On New Poll

  1. […] After trailing in four consecutive polls, Scott Brown finally got one that had him six points up on Elizabeth Warren. So the Herald broke out the celebratory front page. Details at IGTLTDT. […]

  2. Paige Impink says:

    Brown smiling, Warren mid-word scowl. Not so subtle.

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