Globe Biden Its Time?

As the hardreading staff always hopes, the local dailies have very different takes today on what’s front-page news, specifically about the vice presidential bakeoff tonight.

The Globe serves up a  traditional preview piece, a sort of he-should-say/he-should-say:

Biden, Ryan face high stakes in vice presidential debate

Once anticipated as an entertaining sideshow between two feisty candidates, the vice presidential debate Thursday night has taken on higher, unexpected importance in the wake of President Obama’s listless performance last week in Denver.

Democrats are nervous, Republicans sense a surge, and Vice President Joe Biden and GOP challenger Paul Ryan suddenly have a chance to influence the campaign in a substantive way when they meet at Centre College in Danville, Ky.

For Biden, voluble and aggressive, the goal is to steady the Democratic ship amid sinking polls and rising angst. For Ryan, a hard-line budget hawk, the game plan is to maintain or build on the bump that has buoyed Mitt Romney after the first presidential debate.

And etc.

Crosstown at the Herald, it’s a whole different ballgame, one that involves whacking Joe Biden (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):

The Joe Battenfeld piece inside predicts Biden’s credit-card-friendly track record may draw some interest and penalties from Ryan in the debate.

Joe Biden’s swipe at middle class

It’s the Joe Biden embarrassment you may not have heard yet, but it could become one of the Romney campaign’s biggest weapons.

Biden likes to portray himself as a fighter for the poor and middle class, but for years in the U.S. Senate he sided with one of the most hated enemies of the middle class — credit card companies.

The vice president has skated on this issue in this campaign, largely because most people have been paying attention to his verbal blunders. That may come to an end as soon as tonight, when he faces off against GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

We’ll see exactly what Ryan charges tonight.


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