Taylor-Made: Split Decision on Swift’s New Album

Today’s local dailies have polar opposite reviews of Taylor Swift’s new album.

Start with James Reed’s piece in the Boston Globe:

With her new album ‘Red,’ Taylor Swift grows up

Pursues pop hits — and more mature songwriting

For a sense of how much Taylor Swift has matured on her new album, compare the title track with that of her last record.

“Speak Now,” from 2010, cast Swift as a hapless “girl” (in her words) who crashed the wedding of her ex-boyfriend and proceeded to hide behind a curtain and make silly jokes about the bride. The whole scenario was cute, like something a lovable sitcom character would do for a cheap laugh.

Think of “Red” as the next chapter in that young girl’s life. She has become a young woman, and that joke isn’t funny anymore. Now she’s writing about heartache from a decidedly grown-up perspective.

Okay, now say hello to the Boston Herald’s Jed Gottlieb. His piece renders a decidedly different verdict.

It’s time for Swift to grow up

Taylor Swift turns 23 in December.

It’s the age when most teen idols try to transition to the adult market. While in their early 20s, Justin Timberlake matured beyond ’N SYNC, Canadian teen queen Alanis Morissette turned into a superstar hellion, and Janet Jackson became “Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.”

But Swift isn’t interested in adulthood. She wants to be 16 forever. Not 21 or even 18, but a Sweet 16 spinning diary entries into pop ditties — she’s dating a junior in high school for goodness sake!

And might be playing around on him!

From Examiner.com (but it’s all over the web):

Taylor Swift cheats with Patrick Schwarzenegger

Taylor Swift may be tired of playing the victim and has turned the tables on Conor Kennedy. It has been reported that Taylor Swift cheated on Conor Kennedy with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Conor Kennedy and Patrick Schwarzenegger are cousins

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported on October 10 Taylor Swift was caught “making out” with Patrick Schwarzenegger. This activity went on all night at a Kennedy family event. At the time of publication, the exact Kennedy family event was unknown.

Maybe because it never happened. Then again the hardbrowsing staff did see this on the cover of a checkout tabloid:

Kennedys: Taylor is trash!

Hey, Track Gals (and Megan!): We need you on the case here.


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