Scott Brown ‘Certainly’ Dodges Final Debate with Elizabeth Warren

Yesterday Scott Brown (R-I’ll Only Debate Hurricane Sandy) cancelled his fourth and final debate with challenger Elizabeth Warren (D-Hurricane Liz), after saying that “the two candidates will ‘certainly’ have the debate before Election Day, if not Tuesday, then later in the week,” according to the Associated Press (via WBUR).

Cut to today’s Boston Globe (updated version here):

Brown cancels fourth debate with Warren

Senator Scott Brown, after insisting for days that he was eager for a final face-off with Elizabeth Warren, said on Tuesday that he did not believe another debate was necessary and that he would not be able to reschedule the one that was canceled because of the storm.

“With only days remaining in the campaign, and with a long-planned bus tour kicking off Thursday through Election Day that will take Scott Brown to every corner of the Commonwealth, our calendar simply cannot accommodate a rescheduling of this fourth debate and the planning and preparation that would go into it,” read a statement from campaign manager Jim Barnett sent late Tuesday.

The Boston Herald, no surprise, has a different take on the Brown out.

Joe Battenfeld column:

Voters have heard enough already

Let’s see, meet with voters or take part in one more debate organized by an unfriendly media conglomerate?

This was a no-brainer for U.S. Sen. Scott Brown. Pick the voters.

Democrats and some in the media are predictably in a lather about the Republican incumbent forgoing a fourth televised debate, but the fact is Brown has already taken part in one more debate than then-U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy did in 1994.

Howie Carr column:

No debate about it, Scott Brown made the right call

Good for U.S. Sen. Scott Brown. Why should he do the Globe a favor and show up at their fakakta debate?

So he can listen yet again to Granny Warren yapping about the middle class getting “hammered,” and how Brown voted against a bill to produce “jobs” (which in this context means taxes)? How much more nonsense does he have to hear about Roe v. Wade?

Trick or treat indeed.

Boston Herald editorial:

Debate debate redux

The Democratic blogosphere is simply agog at the notion that there was no Senate debate here last night — and they seem intent on blaming incumbent Scott Brown. The fact that his challenger, Elizabeth Warren, sent in her cancellation moments later seems not to matter much.

In fact, the one thing these two agreed on was that, as Warren’s campaign put it Monday, “Elizabeth believes the focus now must be on public safety and ensuring people get the help they need during the storm and its aftermath.”

But to look at our email in-box, you’d think Brown had personally arranged for Hurricane Sandy to blow up the East Coast just so he could avoid one more match-up with Warren. “He makes it sound as if the reason that he can’t debate is that he’s just too busy manning rowboats and handing out blankets,” wrote one voter who — we’re just guessing now — has already made up his mind in the race.

In fact, after three TV debates polls show the “undecideds” in single digits and frankly some of those are just toying with pollsters anyway.

The same way Scott Brown is toying with voters?

Just askin’.

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  1. My dad enjoyed it back when it was the “Herald Traveler,” and “Republican” meant Eisenhower, not Bachmann.

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