Herald Catches Up on Warren Bashing

As the hardreading staff noted yesterday, it was the Boston Globe that whacked Elizabeth Warren (D-It’s All Good) for her Marcel Marceau press conference on Thursday, while the Boston Herald gave her rare hall pass.

The feisty local tabloid made up for it, however, in this Saturday editorial:

Warren wobbles

OK, so Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren is just a rookie. She may be this utterly brilliant Harvard Law prof, whose students hang on her every word, but in her first post-election foray into the real world of politics, she seemed the proverbial deer in the headlights . . .

It wasn’t just that Warren was uncomfortable, it was that she was determined to say nothing about anything . . .

Memo to Warren: The campaign is over. The voters can’t fire you for six years no matter what you say. Unless boring people becomes an impeachable offense.


OK, so back to the natural order of things. The hardreading staff is feeling better already.



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