Upper Crustfallen

Full disclosure: The hardlunching staff has boycotted the Upper Crust pizza chain ever since the Boston Globe revealed its sleazy labor tactics in a series of reports last year.

So it was with mixed emotions (good for the exploited workers/bad for the exploited workers) that we read this Globe report yesterday:

Ailing Upper Crust closes most restaurants

About 140 employees lose their jobs; company seeks cash infusion

Upper Crust has abruptly closed most of its restaurants, let go about 140 employees, and will shut down permanently unless the gourmet pizza chain gets a cash infusion in the next few days, according to a trustee overseeing the Boston-based company.

At a hearing in US Bankruptcy Court Tuesday, the trustee, Mark G. DeGiacomo, said Upper Crust shut restaurants Monday night because it had just four days of supplies and only $14,000 in cash after company executives paid themselves a month’s salary in advance.

The business, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month, needs $120,000 to keep doors open. If the company can obtain funding within few days, it could avoid a permanent shutdown. So far, Upper Crust has closed 10 of 16 locations.

Not surprisingly, given its previous hounding of the upscale pizza chain, the Globe ran its story on page one of its Business section.

Also not surprisingly, given its previous sucking-hind-tit coverage of the pizza chain, the Boston Herald  relegated the story to its Ticker summary:

Upper Crust closes most eateries

The Upper Crust pizza chain has shuttered 10 of its restaurants in the Bay State and Washington, D.C., as the struggling eatery, which is going through bankruptcy, tries to preserve cash flow and stay open long enough to attract a buyer.

Eat that, eh?



3 Responses to Upper Crustfallen

  1. Thank goodness the owners were able to walk away with some money, so they could create jobs.

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