Herald on the Ball Re: Napoli Deal

So maybe the Mike Napoli signing isn’t sealed and delivered just yet.

From John Tomase’s column in today’s Boston Herald:

3b58dc_080612soxnl33Catch to Mike Napoli signing?

Injury issues may put contract in jeopardy

Mike Napoli was the Red Sox [team stats]’ primary target of the offseason, and he might become their first casualty.

No one on Yawkey Way had anything to say on the matter last night, but alarm bells have been sounding ever since the one-week mark of his three-year, $39 million agreement passed without an official announcement.

Last night the estimable Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports speculated that Napoli’s deal might have hit a snag, noting that he was supposed to be introduced at a Fenway Park [map] news conference yesterday.


Interestingly, what reportedly did happen yesterday was Napoli’s physical. Which has led to all kinds of speculation, as the Herald piece notes.

Meanwhile, crosstown at the Globe, the dead-tree edition had nothing on the Napoli deal, but the website caught up this afternoon with this piece:

Red Sox trying to close Mike Napoli deal

The Red Sox are trying to work through some issues that have prevented them from formalizing a new deal with Mike Napoli, according to a major league source, but nothing is resolved yet.

It seems like for days now the Red Sox have been on the verge of an announcing that Napoli had been signed to a three-year, $39 million deal, but none has come.

A newly acquired Red Sox player usually comes to Boston for a physical and officially signs the contract. Then, the player is introduced at a Fenway Park press conference.


Call Napoli the player to be quizzed later.


2 Responses to Herald on the Ball Re: Napoli Deal

  1. Dan Kennedy says:

    Let’s call the whole thing off.

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