Scott Brown’s Mash Note to Himself

Oddly enough, it was the Boston Globe – not the Boston Herald – that ran this Scott Brown op-ed that was all about . . . him.

A pleasure and a privilege

FOR THE past three years, I have had the great honor and privilege of serving the people of Massachusetts in the Senate. Although I served for only three years, and losing this past election was disappointing, that disappointment is tempered by the great respect I have for the judgment of the people of this Commonwealth. To all the people of Massachusetts, I count myself in your debt, for the confidence you placed in me, and for allowing me to represent you.


Nut graf:

I never wanted to go to Washington just to be a senator. I ran because I believed our country was on the wrong track, and I thought I could help by being an independent voice more interested in building bridges than burning them. I kept my promise to be bipartisan, and to serve the interests of everyone in our state.


After that, Brown shifts to the Royal We (hey – he’s cavorted with kings and queens, yeah?):

Because we refused to bow to special interests, because we were willing to work across the aisle, we actually got things done to make a positive difference in the lives of our people. We should be incredibly proud of all that we’ve accomplished.

This collaborative and constructive approach helped us pass a Wall Street reform bill to rein in the excesses that brought on the financial crisis . . .


Hold it right there:

Brown actually weakened the Dodd-Frank Act, but why get technical about it, right?

The rest of the Globe op-ed is the usual Scottie-Come-Lately litany of bills where Brown saw which way the wind was blowing, then voted with the prevailing breezes.

Re-elect him at your own peril.


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