Our Dogged Local Tabloid II

Sad to say, the Boston Herald’s gala two-part series on the Boston Police K-9 Unit ends not with a bang, but with a whimper. What earned Page One treatment yesterday (plus a 17-paragraph, tw0-video report) is shuffled off to page 11 today, and doesn’t appear anywhere on the Herald’s homepage or News & Opinion page.

(If you plug the reporter’s name – Robert Greim – into the search box, you still don’t get the story. We tried to plug “Crime Biters,” the name of the two-part series, into the search engine but that was a bust too.)

Finally! Got the piece via the Googletron:

IMG_3409.JPGPartners on job, at home they’re family

When the criminals are cuffed and the workday is done, the police officers and dogs in Boston’s K-9 unit don’t part ways — they head home together.

The K-9 crime biters and their human handlers who make up the Boston Police Special Operations K-9 Division work and live together 24/7, fostering a special bond that lasts even after the dogs retire.

“They really do become part of the family,” said Officer Joseph Fisher, a handler in the K-9 unit.

It goes on from there for eight more heartwarming paragraphs, some of which feature multiple sentences. There’s also a “K-9 Dogs at Home” video, which might sound redundant but probably doesn’t look that way.

All in all, a disappointing end to a series that started with so much promise.

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