That Dog Gone Tessa (Mean Brookline Edition)

Last week the hardwalking staff at Campaign Outsider reported on the flood of Lost Dog flyers in the Brookline Village area compliments of local author Dennis Lehane, whose pursuit of his runaway pooch Tessa is positively Javertesque.

Now comes the backlash. From today’s Boston Herald:

BI1E2289.JPGOfficial hounding Dennis Lehane on fliers

A by-the-book Brookline bureaucrat is giving crime scribe Dennis Lehane until Monday to pull down all the fliers throughout town for his beloved missing beagle.

The heart-wrenching ultimatum all but dooms the search for Lehane’s runaway pooch.

“There is a town bylaw that prohibits that,” said Brookline Public Works Commissioner Andrew M. Pappastergion. “It was a hardship. They were trying to find the dog and we turned our eyes away for a week. They’ve been up there for two weeks and there are hundreds.”


The piece also quotes a Brookline dog owner who says she’s “very, very upset with this town. It’s very disconcerting to me. They are not littering. They are posting on lampposts. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

Some Herald readers, however, aren’t as sympathetic. Representative samples:

Picture 2

Picture 1


That’s in bad taste, eh?

But it’s the pitchforks that are out at Lehane’s Finding Tessa Facebook page, as Erin Clossey noted on her Brookline Tab blog last night:

Picture 3


Clossey ends her post, “God, I hope they find this dog soon.”

Amen, Erin. Amen.

One Response to That Dog Gone Tessa (Mean Brookline Edition)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Maybe the stunt dog can fill in for a couple of weeks!

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