Cash ‘n’ Kerry (Patriots Playoff Edition)

So there was Sen. John Kerry (D-Am I Secretary of State Yet?) at Gillette Stadium rubbing elbows in the owner’s box with Robert Kraft and, presumably, girlfriend Ricki Noel Landed – sorry, Lander – and rubbing etc. on the field with Bill Belichick.

Clearly this called for some scrutiny by the local dailies and, true to form, they dug right in.

The Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson went this way (web only):

DownloadedFileStaff says John Kerry paid fair market value for tickets in Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s suite

The CBS Sports cameras made their traditional game-day pan of the owner’s box at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, catching not just Robert Kraft but also one of his highly recognizable guests: Senator John Kerry.

That prompted instant questions about how Kerry ended up in such rarified air, and whether the secretary of state-to-be paid his fair share to attend.

His staff insists he did.


To the tune of a whopping $191 – “what the team determined to be fair market value .”


Meanwhile, the Boston Herald’s Track Gals (without Megan!) went this way:

W4ST8035.JPGReaders real sports about John Kerry’s Bill blitz

So you think you’re pret-tay, pret-tay funny, don’t you?

Our request yesterday for an amusing caption for this photo of Sen.John Kerry bear-hugging Patriots coach Bill Belichick on the sidelines before the AFC semifinal at Gillette Stadium was met with a few funnies.

We’re partial to one sent in via Twitter by political strategist 
@Jake1839, who imagined the secretary of state-in-waiting whispering into BB’s ear, “I’m gonna need defense advice when I get to Washington.”



As we said, true to form.

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