Hot Stove, Tepid Team

Today’s Boston Herald puts on the Page One pom-poms for the Olde Towne Team and its prospects for the upcoming season. Via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages:



The piece in the Sports section has a level of optimism that’s exclusive to pre-spring-training days.

NEL_6728.JPGA nice view at the top

Cherington optimistic as spring training nears

Two weeks from today, nearly three dozen Red Sox pitchers and catchers will be in Fort Myers, bracing for their first spring training workout. And shortly thereafter, predictions will begin to roll in.

Not even the Mayans would be so bold as to call the Sox a playoff team.

Ben Cherington respectfully disagrees.

“I believe we will contend,” the Red Sox general manager said Thursday in a sitdown with the Herald. “There is no reason we shouldn’t contend in 2013. But we also want to build something really good for a long time. We’re confident we will.”


A confidence that’s likely exclusive to him, but why get technical about it.

Meanwhile, the Sox went for more traditional advertising in the Boston Globe:

Picture 1



Odd approach, yes? Except in Red Sox Nation, of course.

Also odd, the ad did not run in the Herald. Then again, maybe the Sox figured the Page One promo was enough.

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