Foxy Brown, Action Figure

Another crisscross in the local dailies as former Sen. Scott Brown (R-$$$) mulls over joining the madcap crew at Fox News. The Boston Globe front-pages it,; the Boston Herald relegates it to page 12.

From the feisty local tabloid:

AN3V5646.JPGJob may not be Foxy move for Scott Brown

While a talking head gig at Fox News could give former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown a running start, should he run for governor in 2014 — it could also prove to be a political albatross in the deep blue Bay State.

“It makes it tougher for him to run for governor, being a commentator on a conservative news network that’s not all that popular beyond Republicans in Massachusetts,” said Republican consultant Rob Gray.

A Fox News spokeswoman yesterday confirmed that Brown is in talks with the national network but would not detail what role the ex-senator would play. That announcement comes after Fox cut ties with former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Clinton presidential adviser Dick Morris.


Scott Brown as Sarah Morris. We like that.

Crosstown, the stately local broadsheet liked it enough to plaster it Page One:

Picture 1


The Globe piece took the story beyond the Herald version and into an entirely new dimension:

Just days after he stunned the political world by announcing he was bowing out of contention for another Senate seat, Scott Brown made a return to the private sector, joining the board of a Massachusetts-based paper processing company and negotiating a possible deal to appear on Fox News.

A Fox spokesman confirmed Brown is in talks to appear on the network, which recently announced it is not renewing contracts with big-name political commentators Sarah Palin and Dick Morris. It was unclear, however, what role Brown might have on the network. Though Brown has told several Republicans that he will have a gig on Fox, the spokesman said the talks are not final.

Brown would not comment to the Globe. When reached Wednesday night, he said, “I am right in the middle of dinner,” and hung up the phone.


A hangup! The perfect frame of mind for working at Fox News.

3 Responses to Foxy Brown, Action Figure

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  2. profdaly says:

    I wonder what Brown’s journalist wife thinks of politicians who hang up on reporters?
    –Chris Daly, ex-reporter

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