Local Editorials: Carnival Cruise Damage Control No Triumph

Saturday’s local dailies both editorialized about the Carnival Cruise to Nightmare, but they had very – wait for it – different criticisms about the cruise line’s response.

Boston Globe editorial:

2013-02-13T041707Z_01_ABI113_RTRMDNP_3_NBACruise ship owner: Facing the Heat

While passengers on the Carnival Triumph were enduring tropical weather without any toilets or air conditioning, and sleeping on deck in improved tents made out of laundry, Carnival CEO Micky Arison was also paying attention to the heat — the Miami Heat, at whose basketball game he was spotted courtside on Tuesday. Arison is no stranger to the Heat — he owns the team — but he’s likely to face some for failing to make a show of concern for the 3,200 passengers stranded for five days at sea . . .


From the Boston Herald editorial:

Carnival’s response has been infuriating. Why was the ship towed to Mobile, Ala., which took four days, when other ports appeared closer? In Mobile, passengers were offered bus rides back to Galveston — an eight-hour bus trip after the shipboard ordeal is an insulting offer — or two hours on a bus to New Orleans and an overnight stay before flights home. Mobile’s mayor said he was puzzled, since there are two airports close to the city’s docks. He’s not the only one.


Score one for the feisty local tabloid.


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