On Second Thought, Let’s Not Skip Over Howie Carr’s Latest Bulk-Mail Offering

Earlier today, the hardreading staff wrote this in assessing the latest Boston Herald assault on its crosstown rival Boston Globe’s imminent sale:

Let’s skip over Howie Carr’s bulk-mail offering (“I have next to nothing in common with the pampered pukes of Morrissey Boulevard — I went to a state college, I’m not in the Social Register, I don’t have a trust fund, I wasn’t born and raised on Park Avenue, I never summered in the Hamptons” blah blah blah) and go right to the alleged news report.


But, in retrospect, it’s only right to address Carr’s knee-jerk (accent on jerk) attack on the stately local broadsheet.

First off, the “state college” Carr attended was the University of North Carolina, “not exactly Dartmouth State” as one splendid commenter noted.

Beyond that, Carr fails to mention his high school days at Deerfield Academy, not exactly Charlestown High.

But more importantly, consider what the “pampered pukes” published on Page One alone of the Boston Sunday Globe:

Picture 2



In nonprofit game, athletes post losing records

Some true benefactors, but Globe finds others give little of what’s raised

Elegy without end for a wordless child

Ten weeks after the Newtown massacre claimed Joey, their 7-year-old joy, a local couple reflects on loss and the power of faith.

Michael McLaughlin made a career of skirting laws

The felonious Chelsea housing boss outran scandal and the law


That’s more serious reporting in one day than the Herald does in a month – or Carr does in a year.

Enough with playing to the cheap seats, Howie. You used to be a good, tough reporter. Do an honest day’s work for once, yeah?

4 Responses to On Second Thought, Let’s Not Skip Over Howie Carr’s Latest Bulk-Mail Offering

  1. My daughter-in-law having just completed her degree at UNC, she and my son have just moved north. I will miss visiting Chapel Hill, which I found to be a pleasant, civilized and even mildly socialist community. (Free bus service! How did Howie survive down there?)

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Yeah – one of my brothers went to Chapel Hill in the ’70s. He hasn’t worn socks since.


  2. Michael Pahre says:

    That hack Carr just hacked together a hack job, and then hacked it to his editors at the hacksheet that keeps hacks like him sitting fat.

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