Boston Globe Lil Poops Out

From our Late to the Poopy desk

Yesterday the hardreading staff noted the Lil Poopypalooza at the Boston Herald:



What we failed to note was the corresponding Boston Globe coverage of the Poopyfuffle:

Young rapper’s care raises concerns

Complaint filed against father

Brockton police have filed a child abuse and neglect complaint against the father of Luie Rivera, a 9-year-old Brockton boy who raps under the name Lil Poopy, an officer said Monday.

Rivera, a member of the rap group Coke Boys, stars in several online rap videos, such as “Coke Ain’t a Bad Word,” in which he is shown gambling and engaging in sexually suggestive activity with adult women.

Lieutenant William Hallisey said Brockton police petitioned the Department of Children and Families to investigate Luis Rivera, the boy’s father, for child abuse or neglect in relation to the videos.


That’s all you need to know about the difference between to two local dailies.


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