Paul Grogan Has to Be Pissed at the Herald

Our feisty local tabloid plays Great Mentioner today in handicapping the potential field for next Boston mayor.

City power players: Our top picks

The race for mayor 2013 — the first without an incumbent in three decades — likely will draw a scrum of hopefuls from City Hall to the State House and beyond. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard. Here’s ours:

Picture 1


For the cheaters-deprived:

Inside the hall

City Councilor
 John R. Connolly

City Councilor 
Robert Consalvo

City Councilor
 Tito H. Jackson

City Councilor
 Michael P. Ross

City Councilor
 Felix G. Arroyo

City Councilor
 Charles Yancey

City Councilor
 Ayanna Pressley

City Council President
 Stephen J. Murphy

Outside the hall

State Rep.
 Martin J. Walsh

State Rep.
 Jeffrey Sanchez

State Sen.
 Sonia Chang-Diaz

Suffolk District Attorney
 Daniel F. Conley

Outside the box

U.S. Rep.
 Stephen F. Lynch

Former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II

 Jack Connors

Suffolk Construction CEO John F. Fish


In other words, everybody.

Except Boston Foundation president Paul Grogan.

Who at least gets a nod in today’s Boston Globe:

Through a spokesman, Boston Foundation president Paul Grogan said he has no plans to run for mayor.


Yes, and the hardworking staff has no plans for dinner tonight.

The thing is, Grogan’s been waiting in the mayoral wings for about a decade. It’s hard to believe he’ll pass up this golden opportunity to grab the gold ring.

Time will tell, as the bigfoot journalists say.

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