Hark! The Herald . . . Ignores Itself! (Wingo Square Edition)

Some of the Boston Herald staffers got together yesterday at the feisty local tabloid’s former South End headquarters to kiss the old dump goodbye. It’s slated for the wrecking ball this week, so about 30 current and former staffers gathered and reminisced at what was once known as Wingo Square, named after the incessant numbers games the Herald ran back in the ’80s to goose circulation.

Surprisingly, today’s Herald has no story about the reunion. But crosstown rival Boston Globe does.

07heraldphotos03Boston Herald veterans salute building’s passing

The old Boston Herald headquarters in the South End will stand for just a few more days, but memories of the colorful characters and feisty spirit that filled the squat brick building on Harrison Avenue for five decades will have a much longer shelf life.

That was the message from about 30 former Herald staffers who met across the street from the building on Sunday afternoon to reminisce before demolition begins on Friday to make way for an apartment and retail development called the Ink Block .

“The esprit de corps here was extraordinary,” said David Weber, a Herald reporter for 17 years who left in 2005. “We were a powerful underdog. That’s the way we felt.”


That seems to be the way Heraldniks still feel, except in a nicer building.

Regardless, the Globe reports that “[a] formal farewell is planned for Thursday, when speakers, including Herald columnist Joe Fitzgerald, will pay tribute to the site.” Hard to believe the Herald won’t cover that one.

Tip o’ the pixel to Dan Kennedy’s Facebook post.

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