A Tale of Two Columnists (Jason Collins Edition)

Joe Fitzgerald plays yin to Adrian Walker’s yang in the local dailies today regarding Jason Collins’ coming-out party. Here’s how Walker starts out his Boston Globe column:

Jason Collins’ quiet facilitator

When Jason Collins got in touch with his friend US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III a few weeks ago, Kennedy had little idea what he wanted to talk about.

The former Stanford roommates agreed to meet in person, before the Marathon bombing upended Kennedy’s schedule. When they finally caught up by phone, Collins had major news: He was gay, and he was going to become a trailblazer, by becoming the first active major-sport American athlete to come out.

Kennedy told him, “This has been a long week, but you just put a smile on my face,’’ the congressman recalled in a telephone inter view.


Later in the piece, Joe K 3.0 says “Jason is a great guy and a great friend . . . He is someone I’ve literally and figuratively looked up to. He’s a historical figure now, but he’s still the same great friend I know.”

Crosstown at the Boston Herald, Joe Fitzgerald isn’t so impressed:

STON3693.JPGJason Collins isn’t courageous; just trendy

In telling the world of his sexuality through a cover story in Sports Illustrated, a now openly gay NBA journeyman named Jason Collins is being hailed as courageous and heroic, two weeks after we saw what those words really mean here on the streets of Boston.

Courageous? Heroic? Please.


Later in the piece, Joe Fitz elaborates:

Collins took no risk at all, knowing he’d be the darling of the media, indeed the personification of political correctness. He now has the admiration and affection of multitudes who didn’t know his name two days ago.

That’s heroic? No. Honest? OK. So he’s honest.

But, let’s get real: Being gay in 2013 is no more daring than being a Rotarian.


Yeah, maybe. In Boston. But get back to us after Collins has finished his next road trip.

3 Responses to A Tale of Two Columnists (Jason Collins Edition)

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  2. Joe Fitz needs to know that even in 2013 you can get fired for being gay in most states. Not so for being a Rotarian.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      But under the right circumstances, the Rotary can get you suspended.

      On 5/2/13 3:22 PM, “It's Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town”

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