Globe Roxburys Violence

From our Compare ‘n’ Contrast in Clear Idiomatic English desk

Boston Sunday Globe, Metro Page Two:

Woman dies in Roxbury shooting

A woman is dead and a man was in serious condition after a shooting in Roxbury Saturday afternoon, Boston police said.

The two, both believed to be in their 20s, were shot around 3:22 p.m. while sitting in a silver sedan on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury, Police Superintendent William B. Evans said at the scene Saturday.

Police are investigating whether that shooting is related to another in Roxbury Saturday morning that left two men wounded.


Sunday Boston Herald, Page One:


Picture 1


Sunday Boston Herald, Page Two:


Picture 2


[To be sure graf goes here:]

Admittedly, the feisty local tabloid is all about crime, scandal, and crime. But in this case who really did justice to yet another travesty/tragedy in Boston’s minority neighborhoods?

That’s right. The Herald.

2 Responses to Globe Roxburys Violence

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  2. Clear win for the Herald (much as it pains me to admit).

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