Globe Floods the Zone with Hernandez Coverage

Both local dailies are on the Aaron Hernandez whodunit like Brown on Williamson. The Boston Herald devotes half its front page to it:


Picture 7


Inside are double-barreled columns from Ron Borges and Joe Fitzgerald (the latter a Never Mind to a piece Joe Fitz wrote about what a great guy Hernandez was upon his arrival at Gillette Stadium.


Picture 9


There’s also an editorial expressing the appropriate level of outrage (and actually quotes the Boston Globe and agrees with it – stop the presses!).

Meanwhile, today’s Globe also devotes half of Page One to L’Affaire Hernandez:


Picture 11


But it’s what’s inside that elevates the Globe coverage to obsessive levels.

Here’s how they list the reporting of the main story:


Picture 12


They had someone down in Hernandez’s hometown of Bristol, CT talking to his high school friends, and they sent Brian MacQuarrie to Florida to report on a shooting last winter that allegedly involved Hernandez.

And the best part of the Globe’s coverage is this Page One subhede: “Hernandez is largely out of view as rumors outdistance real news.”

Can’t wait for real news to catch up.

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