Herald: Catchin’ Kerry

For two days now the Boston Herald has been on Nantucket John Kerry like Brown on Williamson over his paddling while Egypt burns.

Yesterday’s front page:


Picture 4


Today Kerry just got the top of Page One:


Picture 5


But the feisty local tabloid gave Long Jawn a good working-over on page two.

DSC_6847.JPGExperts: John Kerry’s credibility could sink with boat flap

John F. Kerry’s credibility took on more water on the second day of his Nantucket vacation flap, as the State Department backed off its initial denial the embattled secretary of state was yachting during the Egyptian military coup — and President Obama tweeted a photo of himself kayaking in a hat, sunglasses and polo shirt.

The Herald reported yesterday that Kerry spent the Fourth of July cavorting on his island getaway even as chaos from the military’s ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi rocked Egypt.


The State Department also conceded that yes, Kerry “was ‘briefly’ aboard his $7 million luxury craft, the Isabel, on the day of the coup, after previously insisting the yacht sighting was ‘completely inaccurate.'”


Crosstown at Boston Globe the only thing Kerry got was let off the hook. Page One:


Picture 6




Picture 7


But here’s the best – and most lenient  – part of the piece (note the choice of “on a yacht” vs. “on his yacht”):

Meanwhile, the Kerry camp was sidetracked by a self-inflicted wound after a State Department spokeswoman initially denied that Kerry had been on a yacht in Nantucket while Egypt was undergoing its latest revolution. The spokeswoman on Friday retracted her denial, which led to the image of Kerry on his yacht getting even more attention. The criticism came from predictably partisan quarters, but still it was a distraction at a critical time.


Hey, Heraldniks: You gonna take that lying down?

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