Boston Globe Herald Hostage (Unions Due Edition)

Among its many and varied talents, the Boston Herald has an uncanny ability to find the cloud inside the silver lining. Especially when it comes to crosstown rival Boston Globe.

To wit, today:

_AN18604.JPGIt’s wait, see for Globe’s unions

Union bigs at The Boston Globe said they’ll keep an open mind about new owner John Henry even as they face the unpleasant task of immediate negotiations over new contracts.

“I think guarded optimism is the right term,” said Martin Callaghan, the president of the Boston Newspaper Printing Pressmen’s Union. “John Henry seems to be saying the right things, but ultimately it comes down to who he surrounds himself with. We don’t necessarily view him as a newspaper guy, so it’ll be interesting to see if he keeps the current management and who he brings in for day-to-day operations.”


Union contracts at the Globe expired seven months ago.  They won’t be addressed until Henry takes full ownership, but we’re not sure the following was a good omen:

Henry toured the Globe newsroom Monday and met with editors and reporters, but hasn’t held any meet-and-greets with either the pressmen or delivery drivers.


Uh-huh. You think dealing with the MLB Players Association is tough, Yacht Boy? Wait till you sit down with the Teamsters.


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