Globe – Not Herald – Has Inside Track on Red Sox Sweetheart Deal

The John Henry Era™ at the Boston Globe has officially begun.

From Saturday’s edition of the estately local broadsheet:


Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.51.51 AM


It’s not until the 13th graf of that front-page piece that the Globe deigns to disclose.

Red Sox principal owner John W. Henry is currently in the process of purchasing The Boston Globe and its related properties from The New York Times Co. for $70 million.

Though Yawkey and Lansdowne are public streets, the BRA did not put the lease of those properties out to competitive bid, which would have given other businesses the opportunity to challenge the Red Sox for the rights. Indeed, earlier this year, a businessman from Everett told the BRA he was interested in securing Yawkey Way concession rights.

The BRA did not consider his offer, and officials said it would be difficult to put Yawkey and Lansdowne out for public bid because the Red Sox, as an abutting property owner, would effectively have the power to block a competitor from gaining those rights. Since the 2003 season, the Sox have had the exclusive right to sell concessions on that portion of Yawkey Way.


Okay, then. Business as usual in MeninoWorld.

Crosstown, Saturday’s Boston Herald, not surprisingly, was clueless.

Unfortunately, Sunday’s Herald edition isn’t any cluefull.

Boston dailies, we have a problem.


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