What’s the Herald Hiding in its Westfield State Coverage? NOTHING

Retraction: The hardreading staff was operating on outdated information when we posted this item. Regan Communication’s client list does not currently include the Boston Herald. We regret the error.


Today’s  Boston Herald features this undercard in the fight over Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle’s handling/mishandling of his expenses.

Gov, PR big spar over Dobelle

The investigation into embattled Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle’s expenses sparked verbal jousting between Gov. Deval Patrick and high-profile Boston public relations expert George Regan, as Dobelle filed his response to a series of 
administration questions.100613westfieldkm02

On the heels of a Herald interview published yesterday in which Dobelle downplayed his mishandling of expenses, Patrick told reporters Dobelle 
appears to be ignoring “very, very serious concerns.”

“He’s not helping himself by apparently not taking this seriously and by having a spokesman he’s hired back in Boston whose job it seems to be to trivialize the role of the Board of Higher Ed and the board of Westfield State,” Patrick said. “That is not acceptable.”

But apparently it is acceptable at the Herald to withhold the fact that George Regan is also the shifty local tabloid’s PR flack. It makes a difference not so much when the Herald publishes an interview “in which Dobelle downplayed his mishandling of expenses” (he’s doing that in every interview), but more when the Herald makes the interview one of its spotlight videos of the day:

Picture 3

That’s when Regan’s role with the Herald should have been spotlighted too.

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