Globe Risks Donnie-brook with Verizon FiOS

From our Late to the Party Pooper desk

You don’t often see a situation like this. Verizon FiOS ad in yesterday’s Boston Globe:


Picture 2


Page One story in yesterday’s Boston Globe.


Picture 1



‘This is New England, where people tell it straight,” says Boston-born TV star Donnie Wahlberg in a new commercial for FiOS, Verizon’s cable television and Internet service. “No phonies, no fakers, no shortcuts.”

The commercial, titled “Here’s The Truth about FiOS in Massachusetts,” features Wahlberg standing before the Hancock Tower, Trinity Church, and in Charlestown near the Bunker Hill Monument.

But here’s another truth about FiOS: You can’t get it in Copley Square. Actually, you can’t get it anywhere in Boston.



The Verizon ad doesn’t seem to mention that inconvenient truth. We even checked the mouse type.


The story says Verizon “apparently doesn’t appreciate the irony.” They also didn’t run an ad in today’s Globe.

Coincidence? You tell us.


2 Responses to Globe Risks Donnie-brook with Verizon FiOS

  1. Aaron Read says:

    It’s better. They’re running that ad in Providence TV quite a lot, with Providence voiceovers, even thought it’s all about Boston locations.

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