WGBH Herald Hostage, Day 4

As the hardreading staff has previously noted, the Boston Herald is on the WGBH/David Koch rumpus like Brown on Williamson.

Today’s installment:

Protesters say fight not over as WGBH brass stand by David Koch

Environmental activists say they have not yet begun to fight against WGBH, after the public TV station’s brass yesterday said they “appreciated” the protesters’ concerns about trustee David Koch, but they have no intention of booting the conservative lightning rod David Kochbillionaire donor.

“Just as our viewers and listeners reflect a full spectrum of political and cultural views, so do our board members,” WGBH spokesman Michael Raia said in a statement yesterday to the Herald.

“While the Board appreciated hearing the perspective of those who attended the meeting, they plan to make no changes.”


The protestors – all 50 of them – say they “plan to lobby the board’s 31 other trustees individually and ‘get them on the record on how they feel.'”

And some protestors will withhold donations to WGBH.  Brad Johnson of Forecast the Facts, “the group that helped gather 119,000 signatures calling for Koch’s ouster, citing his stance on global warming,” said the protestors “don’t want to be in a position where they’re supporting David Koch, and lending their legitimacy to his work.”

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe still isn’t covering the protest. Ditto for WGBH News.

Long live the feisty local tabloid!


2 Responses to WGBH Herald Hostage, Day 4

  1. […] hardreading staff didn’t know the half of it in its earlier post this morning. Also in today’s Boston Herald, a handful of other shoutouts in the WGBH/David […]

  2. notlobmusic says:

    “Meanwhile, the Boston Globe still isn’t covering the protest. Ditto for WGBH News.”

    “Beat the Press” covered it in its own self-absorbed and biased way 10/11

    Beat the Press Video: Koch Critics
    Screen grab from BTP 10/11/13
    Credit WGBH
    PBS and the science program NOVA, produced by WGBH, have received millions of dollars from businessman and philanthropist David Koch. He also donates money to organizations that debunk global warming, and now an organization called Forecast the Facts claims WGBH is tarnishing its image by allowing David Koch to sit on its board.
    (From the Oct. 11, 2013 show)

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