Tom Menino: I don’t run a dictatorship [Ha!]

From our LOL desk

Mistah Mayah makes an appearance in both local dailies today with a story less believable than Bill Clinton on Saturday night. Start with the Boston Herald :

Menino warns: Endorsements only go so far

The two candidates for mayor fought hard for key endorsements last week — with both Martin J. Walsh and John R. Connolly claiming IMG_3337.JPGvictories in that fight — but the current occupant of City Hall, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, said yesterday endorsements aren’t worth the breath they’re uttered on if supporters can’t back it up with votes.

“Endorsements are great to have, but people have to get out and vote. I don’t just say that. When I ran for mayor, I had no endorsements and I won,” Menino, who insists he’s staying neutral, told the Herald, referring to his first race 20 years ago.


But here’s the best part:

Menino maintained yesterday he’ll stay out of the fray.

AN3V4060.JPG“Some of my people are with Walsh, some of them are with Connolly,” Menino said. “If anyone comes to me, I say, ‘Do what you want to do. It’s up to you … I don’t run a dictatorship.’ … Unless it gets personal. I don’t intend to get involved in this campaign at all. It’s really great to watch from the sidelines.”


Yeah, and he’s also looking forward to spending more time scrapbooking.

Crosstown, it’s much the same eyewash at the Boston Globe.

In this race, Menino loyalists are on their own

Their arms have hoisted green Mayor Menino signs for 20 years. Their fists have knocked on doors from Oak Square to Neponset.suarez_12mayormachine(2)_MET_003

They have driven sound trucks blasting get-out-the-vote messages in Spanish through Hyde Square and lashed political placards to the fence outside East Boston High School, dressing the polling place for Election Day.

They are the members of Team Menino, the vaunted political machine of Mayor Thomas M. Menino. Some loyalists joined upstart mayoral campaigns as soon as Menino announced in March he would not seek a sixth term. But the mayor’s vow to remain neutral in the 12-candidate preliminary election kept many on the sidelines.

Until now.


Nut graf:

“I said, ‘Do what you want to do,’ ” Menino said in an interview. “It’s not a dictatorship. I have an organization that’s committed to things I believe in in government. They want to make a choice, let them make a choice.”


Yep – they won’t have Tommy to kiss around anymore.

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