Bootin’ Newton Schools a Textbook Case

Here’s what greeted the hardreading staff on Page 3 of today’s Boston Herald.


Picture 1


The ad comes from an outfit called Americans for Peace and Tolerance, which describes itself as “[an]  organization composed of concerned citizens, academics, and community activists. As Christians, Moslems, and Jews, we are united by the need to keep America hate-free. We believe peaceful coexistence among diverse ethnic populations is only possible if we promote  a climate of tolerance and civil society.”

In this case, promoting it with some pretty aggressive advertising. From their website:

APT runs ads in multiple Massachusetts newspapers about hateful education materials in Newton schools

Starting Wednesday, October 23, Americans for Peace and Tolerance will begin to run ads in Massachusetts area newspapers calling on Newton Public Schools to removePicture 2 hateful education materials from their curricula. The ads urge taxpayers to contact Newton School Committee Chair Matt Hills and Mayor Setti Warren and express their concerns. The ads will run in the Boston Globe Boston Herald, the Newton Tab, the Jewish Advocate, and the Boston Metro. For more info on what students are learning in Newton Public Schools, go to


That Open Newton Schools website features this video, among other things.


That’s just one of 35 videos Americans for Peace & Tolerance has posted on its YouTube channel. The APT website lists Dr. Charles JacobsDr. Dennis Hale, and Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Mansour as the directors of the organization.

But wait! There’s more!

Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools has a website with reviews of the book in question, the Arab World Studies Notebook. And the reviews are – surprise! – not good.

The hardreading staff is trying to contact some of the players involved here. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for who besides us reviews this high school drama.

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